Back Door Roth Contributions
and IRS Form 8606 Masterclass

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Backdoor Roth Contributions & IRS Form 8606 Masterclass
Backdoor Roth Contributions and IRS Form 8606 Masterclass - Promo Code

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What Is This Masterclass About?

Module 1:

Focuses on laying the foundation for understanding the concept of Backdoor Roth contributions and their significance in strategic tax planning for retirement. 

Module 2:

Delves deeper into the technical aspects of the Backdoor Roth strategy. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in executing Backdoor Roth contributions and conversions, as well as the factors to consider when implementing this strategy.

Module 3:

Cover the intricacies of the pro-rata rule, how it can come up, and what to do when it does. This module provides a framework for getting "cream out of the coffee" and helps clients execute this strategy when some Advisors would give up because they don't know how to navigate these obstacles.

Module 4:

Take a break and focus on taking action on what you've learned so far. Information only has value if you implement so we make sure you have a chance to do just that.

Module 5:

See real-life examples of what the correct reporting looks like when Backdoor Roth contributions are done by someone who knows their stuff. Tax planning only counts if it gets reported correctly and that is especially true in this area that can be full of landmines for the unfamiliar. 

BONUS Module:

Module that features discussions with financial advisors Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski. In this module, the advisors provide valuable insights and real-world experiences related to implementing Backdoor Roth contributions and addressing client understanding and concerns.

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© 2023 Retirement Tax Services. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions